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winners token

What is BVT?

BVT The bridge between the metaverse and the universe

BVT is the winners token.

BVT is an
utility token.

BVT is the token for
those who like winning.

BVT is the token for those who love
% APY on passive income.

BVT is the token for those who want to
use a metaverse in real life.

BVT is the utility token that you can use

BVT is the token has already been integrated
in more than 20 metaverse games.

BVT Info

  • IconToken Name: BVT
  • IconToken Symbol: BVT
  • IconToken max cap: NaN
  • IconTotal supply: NaN
  • IconToken max manually mintable: NaN
  • IconStaking rate:
  • IconStaking APY: %
  • IconStaking start date: 
  • IconStaking deadline: 


BVT Stakes average
% returns a year.

Enter the amount you want to stake

In ten years you will get


A profit of


The only way to mint new coins is staking. The addresses from founders, devs, and areas are forbidden to stake. Check the inflation table here.

RoadMap BVT

December 2021
January 2022
BVT Smart Contract Development
February 2022
Smart Contract Development
February 2022
Vesting Smart Contracts Development
February 2022
Smart Contract Development
March 2022
BVT and Smart Contracts Unit Test
March 2022 | April 2022
TIBC ATMs machines integration and tests
April 2022
TIBC POS machines integration and tests
May 2022
CertiK audit
May 2022
White paper & Branding strategy development
June 2022
Pen Test companies definition
June 2022
Release the beta version on Matic Main Net
June 2022
Pen Test execution by Redbelt
June 2022
ICO regulation on
Finma Switzerland Icon
July 2022
Pen Test execution by Immunefi
July 2022
Fixes of founded vulnerabilities
Aug 2022
Certik RE audit
SET 2022
RedBelt audit
Set 2022
Imunefi RE audit
DEC 2022
Deploy audited ICO code on MainNet
NOV 2022
Update the new address to Polygon Scan
NOV 2022
Deploy the new audited TOKEN code on MainNet
OUT 2022
Kamoney integration
OUT 2022
DEC 2022
Deploy the audited Website
Jan 2023
Add new investors
Feb 2023
Start private sales
Nov 2023
Start ico sales
Feb 2024
Community Airdrop
Mars 2024
Listing on Uniswap V3

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